Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Knitting Time

So, as soon as it gets cold I start knitting.  I already have made 2 scarves and have 3 different pairs of socks on the sticks.

Here is a scarf I just finished.  I bought a pom pom maker, but decided that it was easier to just do it the old fashioned way and wrap the yarn around my fingers.  This is one of the new styles that is short and is more of a neck warmer, it tucks just inside your coat.

One of the problems with being a cold weather knitter is that I always lose track of my knitting needles.  So today I made myself a needle case.  I found a page with a lot of variables on a theme here is the link to the instructions.

Lucky for me, I have a large fabric stash, so I went to the basement and picked out three fabrics.  I used an upholstery fabric for the outside and two different cottons for the interior, a solid and a print.  I made my fabric roll 17"X20" and have 3 layers of interior slots for needles and notions.  I have pockets for rulers, small scissors, stitch holders etc.  The only problem is I will probably fill it and need to make a second one.  Here are pictures of my creation, I just had to machine embroider my motto " Knit Happens" on it.

 I am ordering new needles from this site
They have full sets of bamboo needles for $25 with free shipping.  I am ordering the dpns and the straight needles.  I bought a pair of size 1's at my LYS yesterday for $12!  Yikes!  I know they are Takumi needles, but they were as much as the yarn for the socks I am knitting.  After reading a review on these needles I figure they are worth the price.

I have been doing a lot of looking around on Ravelry (Facebook for Knitters).  It is a great site with lots of free patterns and I like that I can store them on my profile page as favorites and in my library.  If you knit, you should join this site, it's free and inspiring.

Well, I need to get back to knitting or the yarn will overtake the house along with the beads and fabric.  Stay warm!

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