Friday, September 10, 2010

What's this Newfangled Nail Polish?

So I have been hearing a lot about some new nail polish that is supposed to last 2 weeks.  I have been doing nails over 20 years and have seen products come and go and have seen similar products in the past.  Somehow they never lived up to the hype.

Clients have been asking me about what I think so I decided to try it out on myself.  I have nails that will pretty much grow like weeds, most products (gel/acrylic/fiberglass) stick on them well, but as a hairstylist/nail tech and major crafter nail polish never stays on more than a few days.  I mean I bend wire with these nails, shampoo, and remove polish...nothing can stand up to this torture.

Three days ago I quickly (not following any instructions or procedures) decided to paint one nail on my left hand to see how this worked and how it would hold up to my "normal" wear and tear.  Here is a picture of my nail after 3 days....

Yes, I know I need a real manicure...but I was in a hurry!  Since I applied this I have done pedicures, cuts, colors, and bent some wire...I'd say it passed the initial shiny and stays on test.  I am actually considering doing the rest of my nails and I have honestly not worn polish in  years except for special occasions.  My main observation with how it feels is that is reminds me of gel nails.  The first day I definitely felt the product on my nail but now I really don't notice it.  My nail is firmer - doesn't bend when it gets wet - and slightly thicker.  I could definitely see this for a customer going on vacation or someone who can grow their own nails but wants long lasting polish.  I have not tried to remove it yet or seen what the nail looks like after, so I'll have to update you on that.

The number of companies jumping on the bandwagon is growing daily!  The product I am testing in Shellac by CND.  Creative Nail Design is one of the premier nail product companies in the US.  They are the manufacturer of Solar Nails, one of the products that revolutionized acrylic nails.  I learned how to do nails using their products.  The downside is that there are only about 12 colors right now and I know my clients won't all want a french manicure and they like variety.  This product applies like polish, but you have to use special base coat and top coat and cure each layer in a uv light.  I have done gel nails forever, so the procedure is familiar to me.

I started research on the web and found similar products by OPI, Jessica Cosmetics, IBD etc.  I also found some other companies that I haven't really heard of in the past.  They all have similar applications and removal instructions.  I am considering ordering one of the "off" brands and see how they work.

Now here is the controversy...I ran across a number of  forums that discuss these products and their application after you buy them from Ebay, Amazon or any other number of internet resources.  Most if not all of the people in these forums are not professionals and have not been trained to use these products or in nail care.  Do I think that the average person can use these products safely?  Probably.  I remember there was a gel light kit that was sold to home users thru parties back in the 80's.  People bought them thinking they didn't need to come see people like me.  Professionals were up in arms about it, but it really propelled companies to manufacture better products and customers came in to ask for gel nails.  It's the same with acrylics and wraps!  It is MUCH easier to let the pros do it. I also need to state that most of these products - somewhere on the label- will warn that these products are only guaranteed if used by professionals/sold in salons etc.  That means if you screw up your nails doing them at home don't cry to the manufacturer.

It's kind of like hair color...I couldn't begin to tell you how many home jobs I have fixed over the years. 

I'll let you know how it all works out and will probably begin to offer this service soon in the salon