Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue Bayou Bracelet $30.00

Beautiful multi colored teal blue glass beads are accented with glass pearls and crystals on silver colored chain. 8 inches long including the toggle clasp, this bracelet reminds me of deep ocean waters.

Snow Day 2

Turn on your sound! There's music!

Well, here we go again. I got the call last night that school and my hair salon were closed. We just walked the dogs and played in the snow some, and the ice and slush is deep enough to hold us up. We probably have a total of 8 - 12 inches of "stuff". A combo of snow/ice/slush.

Terry was one of a few employees who made it to work today, and is on his way home as of 1:00. I gave him a small grocery list, but it scares me to let him loose in a store, no telling what he will come home with. In all of this the man wants ICE CREAM!

Justin is loving the time off with Mom. We (meaning I) have been working on making a Pokemon out of paper from the web site. They shouldn't be able to put stuff on their that the parents have to do!

So no mail, no trash pick up, and probably no school for tomorrow...I am getting cabin fever and am actually wanting to go to work. Guess we will just see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Squirrel Has Breakfast

Well, no surprise here....we are having a snow day. Justin is in watching cartoons and playing his Nintendo DS, and I am on the laptop. It took Terry over an hour and a half to drive to work and I expect he will be coming home early today. All the schools are closed, even Northern Kentucky University which almost never happens. I don't work on Tuesdays so it is not affecting my schedule at all, but I wonder if I will work tomorrow.

These pictures are the view out my front door and off the deck. A very fat squirrel raided the bird feeder for breakfast this morning and he even stood very still when I went out on the deck to take his picture.

Big fluffy snowflakes continue to fall at a fairly rapid rate up to 2 inches per hour, but it is the coming sleet and ice that has me worried about Terry's drive home. I lived in Toledo and am not afraid of the snow, shoot I learned to drive in the snow, but this ice is another story. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky is just not equipped to deal with the snow and ice like a more northern city, but according to the news, the work crews are doing a great job.

So, here I sit on my computer...nice and warm in front of the fireplace, looking out at the falling snow that looks beautiful from my couch!

Turn on the sound...there's music!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Matching Earrings of Course!

beads,glass,earrings, gold, purple,green, crystal, dangle

My stepdaughter has a birthday coming up and here are the earrings I made for her.

Jewelry for my Stepdaughter Jen

lampwork,beads,crystals, bracelet, purple, green,,lampwork,beads,crystals, bracelet, purple, green,,crystal, beads, glass, handmade

Jen loves purple, so when I saw this bead in my stash I knew it was the one for her. I hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Cupid Coupon

Between now and 2/15, purchase any item with a heart and receive free shipping within the continental US.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I believe in Santa Claus

I Believe In Santa Claus!

Yes, I believe in Santa Claus. I just didn’t know he was 7 years old and lived at my house. My little boy has always had a giving heart. Every year he eagerly grabbed a name from the Giving Tree at church to buy gifts for a boy his age. He helped me knit hats for the homeless. When it came time to fill a back pack for a kid who needed one he wanted to fill up two. He collected food for the homeless, and always has a smile. I just never knew he was Santa Claus!

Last night we watched the movie Polar Express on TV together, like we do every year. The main character learns to believe in Santa Claus and miracles. As I looked at my little boy, we talked about Christmas and Santa. In one part of the movie a song is sung by a little boy about how Santa never brings presents to his house. As I began to cry, my son asked me why, that was when I realized he was Santa.

My son is an only child and has many gifts. This year he only asked for one, the ever popular WII. After a long debate my husband and I decided to buy it for him, explaining that Santa only gave so much to each house and that there wouldn’t be many presents for us because a WII was very expensive. He volunteered to give away his toys to other kids so they could have more presents and Santa wouldn’t have to work so hard. We went thru all his toys, stuffed animals and books and came up with a large Rubbermaid tub of toys, 2 garbage bags of stuffed animals and a big box of books. All were in barely used condition. Then we had to decide where to send them.

That is where our friend Todd comes in, you see, he works at a local orphanage. In a casual conversation he told my husband that the kids at the orphanage would love anything we could send. So they brought my son over to talk to him about it. He asked about what an orphanage was, and why kids would be there. That’s when he decided his toys had to go there, so kids would have toys for Christmas. He gave not to get, just to give. As we watched the movie I turned to my son and said to him that he had Santa in his heart because of how much he gave to help the kids. I explained this is the miracle of Santa, he lives in each of us, and to the kids as the orphanage, he was Santa. That was when he asked could one of those kids come live at our house, share his room and toys. And that was when I knew he really was Santa!

A little kid in Kentucky, 2 days before Christmas, talking about opening his heart and home to a kid who needed parents.

Things that make me go HMMMM...

So, I am watching TV the other night and see an ad for our local hockey team. They are having a "Barack Bobble Head" night. So when in this country did we stop having respect for our presidents? I know many did not respect G W Bush at the end of his presidency, but I say walk a mile in his shoes. But this is our new president who hasn't been in office a week, and we have bobble heads of him!?!?!?
I did not vote for Mr. Obama, but I do feel that as our president I owe him some respect (at least until he would prove me wrong) and have pledged to pray and support him as he attempts to do his best for our country. I often wonder at the type of person willing to take on the challenge of the Presidency. Yes, many talk of the power hungry politicians, but the reality is most of us are not up to this job. Look at the toll that it takes on the lives of those who are in office, physically, mentally and emotionally. Now there are those who scream "Free Speech - Free Speech" and I don't deny anyone the right to speak their mind on what our new president represents or is doing and saying. I am talking about common courtesy and respect for the Office of the President of the United States. Free speech keeps our politicians on their toes. They need to be aware we are watching them and keeping track to see if what they said they would do matches up with what they do. I just was raised a little different I guess.

I choose to teach my son to respect the man that takes on the job of our President. In these trying economic times, he needs our help and support and most of all our prayers. I for one would not switch places with him. So think about it as you go about your day, pray that our country can pull together and continue to be the best place in the world to live.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Art Fire Store

Here is a peek at the many items I am currently featuring on Art Fire
This is a great site for handmade artisans to sell their work. See something you me to purchase it, or just create and account on Art Fire and with a few clicks of a button, it will be on its' way to you.

Store not available

Brides Cuff Revisited $50.00

bracelet, cuff, wire, silver, knitted, bride,,silver, designsbylynnea,,crystals, pearls

I created this cuff to show that a bride can incorporate items from her family to create a new heirloom for her wedding day. This one is for sale, but I can customize one just for you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jason and Sophy

Jason and Sophy are 2 of the best WCS dancers/instructors in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Friday 1/23/09 at Step N Out Studio in Covington KY they are having a wine and cheese party/dance. Men bring wine and ladies bring cheese and the cost of the dance is $5. January 31st they are having a workshop at Step N Out with a national champion. Check out their web site for more information or to contact them.

Just so you can see how great these two are, check out this video...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Copper and Turquoise Cuff

I created this knitted copper cuff with 26 gauge wire, 20 gauge wire and wire wrapped turquoise, glass, crystal and copper beads. $50.00 with $5.00 s/h. I accept Pay Pal, click the button below to purchase.

Dancing Fools

Here is a video of our dance lesson today. We have been taking lessons for about 4 years now, and in that time we have learned to have a lot of fun and made some really great friends. Our very patient instructor Douglas Beal is currently trying to teach us West Coast Swing. If we mess up, we owe him a Snickers Bar....I see a trip to Sam's Club in my future.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good N Plenty

Well, I am newly obsessed with knitting fingerless gloves. Here is my most recent creation. I used Little Britches yarn in Frolic from Hobby Lobby. I am knitting these to go with a shrug I made last year. This yarn reminds me of Good N Plenty, my favorite candy!

Bla Bla Blog

This is my newest blog site and I will be adding content on a weekly basis. Here is a link to my other blog . I have an online store where I sell my handmade jewelry, knitting,embroidered items. On this site are links to my other stores and photo galleries. You can contact me for purchasing information. I accept Pay Pal and will ship internationally.
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