Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Squirrel Has Breakfast

Well, no surprise here....we are having a snow day. Justin is in watching cartoons and playing his Nintendo DS, and I am on the laptop. It took Terry over an hour and a half to drive to work and I expect he will be coming home early today. All the schools are closed, even Northern Kentucky University which almost never happens. I don't work on Tuesdays so it is not affecting my schedule at all, but I wonder if I will work tomorrow.

These pictures are the view out my front door and off the deck. A very fat squirrel raided the bird feeder for breakfast this morning and he even stood very still when I went out on the deck to take his picture.

Big fluffy snowflakes continue to fall at a fairly rapid rate up to 2 inches per hour, but it is the coming sleet and ice that has me worried about Terry's drive home. I lived in Toledo and am not afraid of the snow, shoot I learned to drive in the snow, but this ice is another story. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky is just not equipped to deal with the snow and ice like a more northern city, but according to the news, the work crews are doing a great job.

So, here I sit on my computer...nice and warm in front of the fireplace, looking out at the falling snow that looks beautiful from my couch!

Turn on the sound...there's music!

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