Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day 2

Turn on your sound! There's music!

Well, here we go again. I got the call last night that school and my hair salon were closed. We just walked the dogs and played in the snow some, and the ice and slush is deep enough to hold us up. We probably have a total of 8 - 12 inches of "stuff". A combo of snow/ice/slush.

Terry was one of a few employees who made it to work today, and is on his way home as of 1:00. I gave him a small grocery list, but it scares me to let him loose in a store, no telling what he will come home with. In all of this the man wants ICE CREAM!

Justin is loving the time off with Mom. We (meaning I) have been working on making a Pokemon out of paper from the web site. They shouldn't be able to put stuff on their that the parents have to do!

So no mail, no trash pick up, and probably no school for tomorrow...I am getting cabin fever and am actually wanting to go to work. Guess we will just see what tomorrow brings.

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