Sunday, January 25, 2009

I believe in Santa Claus

I Believe In Santa Claus!

Yes, I believe in Santa Claus. I just didn’t know he was 7 years old and lived at my house. My little boy has always had a giving heart. Every year he eagerly grabbed a name from the Giving Tree at church to buy gifts for a boy his age. He helped me knit hats for the homeless. When it came time to fill a back pack for a kid who needed one he wanted to fill up two. He collected food for the homeless, and always has a smile. I just never knew he was Santa Claus!

Last night we watched the movie Polar Express on TV together, like we do every year. The main character learns to believe in Santa Claus and miracles. As I looked at my little boy, we talked about Christmas and Santa. In one part of the movie a song is sung by a little boy about how Santa never brings presents to his house. As I began to cry, my son asked me why, that was when I realized he was Santa.

My son is an only child and has many gifts. This year he only asked for one, the ever popular WII. After a long debate my husband and I decided to buy it for him, explaining that Santa only gave so much to each house and that there wouldn’t be many presents for us because a WII was very expensive. He volunteered to give away his toys to other kids so they could have more presents and Santa wouldn’t have to work so hard. We went thru all his toys, stuffed animals and books and came up with a large Rubbermaid tub of toys, 2 garbage bags of stuffed animals and a big box of books. All were in barely used condition. Then we had to decide where to send them.

That is where our friend Todd comes in, you see, he works at a local orphanage. In a casual conversation he told my husband that the kids at the orphanage would love anything we could send. So they brought my son over to talk to him about it. He asked about what an orphanage was, and why kids would be there. That’s when he decided his toys had to go there, so kids would have toys for Christmas. He gave not to get, just to give. As we watched the movie I turned to my son and said to him that he had Santa in his heart because of how much he gave to help the kids. I explained this is the miracle of Santa, he lives in each of us, and to the kids as the orphanage, he was Santa. That was when he asked could one of those kids come live at our house, share his room and toys. And that was when I knew he really was Santa!

A little kid in Kentucky, 2 days before Christmas, talking about opening his heart and home to a kid who needed parents.

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