Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've been busy!

Seems like forever since I've posted something here...but I've been a busy artist, Mom, wife, hairstylist!  This Summer is flying by with all the jewelry selling/making I am doing, birthdays, getting my son ready for middle school and the HEAT!

My son just turned 11 and spent the week before his birthday at Camp Friedlander with his Boy Scout Troop.  I know he has been on over night camp outs before, but this was a week long!  He complained a little about the walking, but other than that seems to have had a ton of fun and came back a bit more mature than Mom is ready for him to be.  Here is a picture of him on Parents Night...

He was excited to see me and talked a blue streak.  Took me on a tour of the camp.  It was nice, but definitely roughing it!  As a friend of mine said recently....camping for me is a nice hotel with a view of the beach and room service.

I did my second show for Folksiders in Rabbit Hash.  I could tell there were more people there even though it felt like the inside of my oven.   Lucky me, I had a new camping fan that runs on batteries.  I think I could have sold it for about $100 to some of the other vendors.

Yup.. that's me and my fan getting set up for the show!

Then I had 2 weeks "off".  Which means I have been making jewelry, doing hair and trying to keep my house from turning into a giant ball of dog fur.  This weekend and next weekend I'll be back in Rabbit Hash..maybe I should just buy a cabin or something!

This weekend is the Brown Grass Festival.  A fund raiser for WNKU and yes, I posted a video from last year on a previous blog post. Next weekend is the Dog Days of Summer Art Show... now in its' 4th year I hope we have a great weekend!  If all goes as planned, I'll be in my usual spot under the tree by the barn.  It is nice and shady and I've been told about 20 degrees cooler than closer to the Store.  But I will also have my handy dandy fans!

In the midst of all this I am also taking my first on line class with Keith Lo Bue.  It is the first time I've done this kind of class, but I became a fan of his last year and am looking forward to learning how to make beautiful jewelry with steel wire.

So I guess I need to get back to making jewelry because I hope to sell a bunch over the next few weekends!