Friday, May 29, 2009

Hammered Copper and Turquoise Necklace

Here is a beautiful necklace and earring combo. I created the hammered copper wire pendant and placed it on a copper and turquoise necklace. The matching earrings complete the set. Both items are available for sale on Art Fire.

Hammered Copper and Turquoise Necklace $30

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Gearing up for my June 13th show!

Well, I am continuing to make new items daily for my June 13th show..Sangria Fest. Some days I feel like I need to be drinking more Sangria, some days I need to make more jewelry.
I am looking into taking credit cards thru a company I found on the web Pro Pay . I have done some investigating on craft seller forums and this was one of the top rated providers. I like that I don't need a merchant account to accept cards on site and all the fees are spelled out up front. I had a small business in the past and the monthly merchant fees in addition to the transaction fees make it difficult for the craft seller/small vendor to make it worthwhile to accept cards. I have been taking credit cards thru Pay Pal and looked into their Virtual Terminal, but you pay a $30 per month fee to get this feature (also on top of the transaction fees). Pro Pay charges and annual fee and transaction fees, but you can process using your cell phone. Yes I said your cell phone! But in case there is no signal you can take an imprint, the customers zip code and process in a batch later that night. Like Pay Pal you get a debt/credit card to spend your money or pay a small fee to transfer to your checking account. I feel that I would have doubled my sales at the last show had I been able to accept credit cards on site. So I am going to sign up and I will let you know what I think after the show!

Here are my latest items for sale all items are available in my store on Art Fire

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I've Finally Gotten Busy Again

Beautiful blue beads from Island of Misfit Beads make a unique bracelet. Accents of silver and blue crystals and a silver colored toggle clasp finish the look. This bracelet measures 8 1/2 inches long

True Blue Bracelet $25 + $5 s/h

This Man in the Moon ceramic pendant is copper and aqua color. I accented it with glass beads in aqua and copper spacers. Finished off with a ribbon necklace in aqua and copper. Approx. 16 inch choker.

To The Moon Necklace $20 + $5 s/h

These earrings have a matching bracelet. I used silver filled wire to make the spiral to highlight these beautiful beads. The beads are lampwork from Island of Misfit Beads and have a white background with blue and brown spots.

I See Spots Earrings $15 + $2.50 s/h

Lampwork beads from Island of Misfit Beads have a white background with brown and blue spots. I accented them with blue glass beads and silver beads and spacers. A toggle clasp makes it easy to put on.

Seeing Spots Bracelet $25 + $5 s/h

Beautiful wire wrapped pendant on an 18 inch gold colored chain. The pendant is a golden color with iridescent accents of greens and blues.

Its' A Wrap Necklace $20 +$5 s/h

Beautiful blue glass pendant is shown off at its' best on an 18 inch ribbon necklace. The pendant is 1 inch long and has blue with black and golden accents.

Simply Blue Necklace $10 + $5 s/h

Teal swarovski crystals dangle from gold colored chain for a delicate drop earring.

coordinates with the Eeeny Meeny Little Greeny Necklace

2 inches long

Dingle Dangle Earrings $15 + $2.50 s/h

Simply stunning describes this simple necklace. The focal point are the lampwork beads from Island of Misfit Beads. Lime green with teal green dots I used teal swarovski crystals and gold spacers to highlight the colors. 18 inch long gold toned necklace finishes the look.

Eeeny Meeny Little Greeny Necklace $15.00 + $5 s/h

As you can see I finally started to create new jewelry again. Life has been way too busy! I have a show coming up on June 13th, the Sangria Fest. This is the 4th annual Sangria Fest put on by the Argentine Bean in Crestview Hills Town Center. Hope to see you there!