Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

So last time you heard from me I was going to Augusta KY for Art in the Garden.  I'd waved my crafty wand and made my poor old necklace displays look new.  Guess I'll talk about Augusta first.  I have to thank the organizers for running a nice show.  My only complaint is they had me right next to another jewelry booth.  Had they switched me with the painter on the other side it would have been just a bit better for both of us.  Here is a picture of my booth once I had it set up.

Now this was all before the wind started up.  The booth with the paintings moved about a foot at one point.  I was so happy I had my weights and tent stakes (which I quickly added after the photo was taken).  I still have to figure out how to get the wrinkles out of the table covers after I wash and dry them...but other than that I love them.  I think they make my table look much more professional.

There was a steady crowd and overall I am happy with how this show went.  This was the first time this year for me to try this set up and I knew I'd be tweaking it a bit.  I will definitely apply for this show in the future.

This weekend I did not one but two shows!  One on Saturday at Verona Vineyard in Walton KY and the other one in  Rabbit Hash KY.  Talk about night and day! 

I have to say the Verona Vineyard is a beautiful venue with  a lot of potential.  I'm not sure exactly what went wrong or who dropped the ball but with ZERO advertising we had about that many customers.  I did as much as I could with an email blast to all the salon clients and posting it all over my facebook pages.  I am not sure the vineyard owners were on board with this event.  They could have added info on their website front page, contacted the media, or done something to bring in people.  But nothing was done to promote this event.  We were told they often have chili cookoffs and music events that are well attended and if they try to have an art show in the future maybe they should combine it with one of these events.  As it is I seriously doubt that many of the vendors will agree to set up again.

That being said..here are pictures of my booth set up for the show

I added some new things that I got in the clearance section of  Hobby Lobby and moved some other things around.  I figure I'll keep adjusting at each show to get it they way I want.  Here is a picture of the goodies I got on sale.
They worked in well with my existing displays.  I think I may be done buying stuff for a bit.  I have some older stuff I didn't even put out this weekend.

So at the end of the day we packed up our dog and pony show and went to dinner at TGI Fridays.  I came home and crashed!  Thank goodness for my husband and son who help me set up and tear down for these things.  They made sure all my water bottles were filled and chilled for the next day.

Day TWO...off to Rabbit Hash KY!  Now not everyone around here even understands how the Hash works.  The mayor is a dog (and yes there was an election), the General Store takes you back to Little House on the Prairie and the winding ride makes it a favorite with bikers.  Here is a short video about it...

This is from an event last year, but you can see the charm of the place.  Don't get me wrong, we were covered up in motorcycles by the end of the day, and if you look for more videos you will see some full of bikes.  The store is a cool place just to look around at all the stuff and Elk Creek has a store there as well.

This was the first event for Folksiders.  I have to give a hand to Susan and Terry for getting the word out.  If you Google Folksiders they spread the word.  After experiencing the first one, it is a bit more like a flea market than an art show.  A nice blend of artists, people who reuse vintage and antique stuff, Swan Maiden Soap was there as well as a few other vendors I know.  There was a steady flow of people all day.  Parking is always a problem in Rabbit Hash, so be prepared to hike a little.  They are hoping as this continues to have a small hayride wagon to haul people in. This week the tractor wasn't running.

This was the first show of many.  The plan is to do this on the Second Sunday of every month thru December (weather permitting).  I am already signed up for July and August.  I may have a conflict in September.  I love the following promo....

 They had some music, some food and we had a beautiful day.  It is worth the drive just to people watch and see all these old buildings and the funny signs.  Here is my booth set up for this day.  I am really happy with how it looked.

I added the sheers around the tent posts and love the little spa/boutique look I came up with.

I've ordered a new banner that should be here for my next show...and don't you just love the old building behind me!

One more photo...here is the mayor on the poster for an event I am doing next month...

Enough about Rabbit Hash...if you can't wait to get some new jewelry come to Covington KY for Roebling Fest...
Looks like it is going to be a busy busy summer!