Monday, August 8, 2011

All Fired UP!

So as you know from my last post I have jumped off the cliff and decided to add to my tools and techniques.  I got my Painting with Fire kit and my patina kit from Miss Fickle Media.  I set up my hot shop and started to attempt to create enameled pieces.  I burned up a bead completely! And pennies melt if they are made after 1982.  I also discovered a great group of artists on the Painting with Fire Ning.  They also have weekly chats and everyone will help you to learn this technique.

So in my search for tutorials I also came across some for fold forming metal.  What the heck is that you say...well it is a technique where you heat metal and fold it to form various designs and shapes.  You'll see what I've come up with in a minute or so.

So here I am at mid life with 2 torches, metal, enamels and various tools learning a new (to me) art form.  I started small by using the items Barbara sent in my kit for some practice.

Now this is the successful I said I burned some stuff up.  Oh and when you got to Tractor Supply in a sundress and strappy sandals they look at you funny.  But they have 18 gauge copper wire and welding supplies and mapp gas...and they are like 2 minutes from my house.

Some things bombed, but enough came out pretty good that I started to use them in jewelry.  Here are pictures of what I've been creating.

My first fold formed leaf on and enamel and patina drop

I combined the enameled washer with my fold formed leaf and an enameled head pin

This was a gift for my stepdaughter.  The rings are patinaed and stamped with her kids names

Abstract flowers and another patinaed and enameled piece
fold formed lily with enameled stamens

Enamel and Patina on hand forged flowers

another fold formed lily

enameled bracelet

Love this bead cap
Fold formed leaf, patina enameled stamen
Now in the middle of this I am also doing resin work and creating other pieces too.  So I am busy busy busy.