Friday, June 25, 2010

Keratin+ Treatment

Wow!  The results are fantastic and clients are happy with their new hair.  As a stylist I love that I can do a service that leaves the hair in better shape than it was when we started.  Other customers comment on the lack of noxious odors and fumes, and the clients having the procedure done comment on it too!  No gloves or special equipment required!  Now I do have to say you MUST use a 400 degree flat iron while finishing to seal in the keratin.  Be careful because the hair is very hot (I have a blister on my finger to prove it).

This first picture shows Erin before treatment:

She has very curly hair.  To tame it she usually puts it in a tight bun while still damp, that is why it looks smooth on top.  But she has that frizzy hairline all my curly clients hate.  She has tried everything on her hair including trying a relaxer. That ended up with her having frizzy ORANGE bangs.

Here she is after!  Wow!  What a difference.  She kept running her hands through her hair.

Here is my next client.  Karen has very coarse hair that is curly and fuzzy.  Taming this hair has been a challenge for her whole life!
 Here is Karen after a Keratin+ Treatment.

Here is another picture
Karen is a former hairstylist.  The last time she tried to tame her hair was in the 1960's.  At the time she had bleach blond hair and they basically used a perm and combed it through her hair.  She said she watched her curls fall to the floor and she got a "chemical" hair cut.  She ended up cutting it all off into a pixie cut.  She was nervous when we started as she has been growing her hair for awhile now.  By the end she was laughing and smiling and can't wait to show off her new hair DO to her family and friends.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Want Beautiful, Smooth, Shiny, Silky Hair?

I am so pleased to offer the All-Nutrient Keratin+ Treatment.

Keratin "straightening" systems are all the rage now just like the Japanese straightening systems were in the past.  The problem with the Japanese system was that the hair was often not left in great condition at the end of the process...yes it was straight, but not shiny or silky.  I started to hear about Brazilian or Keratin systems awhile ago.  Following my curiosity I looked into them to help my frizzy and curly haired clients.  Most of them contained Formaldehyde, Formalin or Aldehyde.  Not good for the hair, the client, the stylist and other customers in the salon to breathe.  Most systems required gloves, masks, air filtration systems - scary for flat hair!  The FDA has a lot of questions about these products.

I recently was lucky enough to start using All-Nutrient Organic Color and took a class from their head chemist Tony Difraia.  He introduced me to their Keratin+ Treatment.  Wow, the results were pretty amazing.  No fumes, no harmful chemicals and beautiful hair.  I was sold.   This system is so gentle I do it without wearing any gloves.  It is safe for all hair types and can be used over any (yes any) other relaxer or straightener.  It is safe for color treated hair, blocks humidity, protects, repairs and seals hair...who wouldn't want this.  Yes it takes time to have done correctly, but it is worth it.

Today I got to do this service on my first in salon client.  She has coarse, frizzy, wavy red hair.  On a humid day in Cincinnati, her hair lasts about 3 minutes after she walks out the door.  Add to that being a working, single mom who doesn't have the time to spend on her hair.  She left the salon, 3 hours later smiling, running her fingers thru her hair and flipping it around like a model in a hair product ad on TV.

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