Monday, July 15, 2013

Night and Day You are the ONE!

Enjoy this musical interlude.....

So now you know what this blog is about!  This month I am blogging about what time of day is my most productive and when does inspiration strike.  Hmmmm... I am typically a night owl.  If it was up to me, mornings would be illegal.  That being said, I do my actual creating during the daytime.  I love working with natural light and am lucky that my studio space had tons of it.  I am crazy about how colors look and go together and nothing beats a lot of windows and sunshine.  Not that I don't make things at night, but usually I have already put the ideas/colors together.

As far as when I am actually inspired.. well that happens all day every day.  Just this Saturday I was driving to work (yes, I do have a REAL job doing hair) and had a little aHA moment in the car when my brain put some glass discs I made a month ago together with some dagger beads I bought a week ago.  Other times I will look down at my super messy work table and see some components next to each other and think.. why didn't I see that before?  Those are the happy accidents of inspiration that turn into jewelry that I sometimes have a hard time selling because I end up loving them myself.

I have a few stock designs and techniques I return to over and over, but the really fun ones for me are the purely organic pieces that almost make themselves.. bend a few wires.. hammer them, toss some stones, beads, fiber in the mix and somehow something beautiful reveals itself.  And I am constantly inspired by all the fabulous artists I have found via Facebook and Pinterest.  They make me step across a line to the outside of my comfort zone and try to add a new twist to my work.  Sometimes they make me look at the materials I am using with a new eye and head down a path I wouldn't have taken before.

So I guess I didn't answer this very clearly.. I am inspired all day every day.. so what does that say about me?

 See you in a month or so with another Synchroblog Post and while you are waiting don't forget to check out all the other blog posts this month!
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Words Have Meaning

I recently joined a group called the Artists Synchroblog.  We are a group that will post every other month about a common subject.  In other months we will be doing a Pinterest Project and blog about it.  This months topic is Words Have Meaning.

I often include words and phrases in my work.  I create a piece that speaks to me and am always happy when it finds the person it is meant for.  When someone comes up to my booth and picks up a piece it is great when a look comes over their face as they "get it".  I know then that this will be a touch stone in their life.  When they wear it .. or gift it to a loved one... they will have that reminder of the meaning behind the words.

The piece talking to me right now is this cuff:

It says... cherish your story...think about it.. Our lives all have a story.  Sometimes the story is happy, joyful, wonderful.  Those are the times we all call the good times.  And yes, they are great.  But it is the part of our story that is made up of the challenges, difficulties, and hardships that we often forget to cherish.  All the parts of your story go into making you who you are today.  

Think about it like a recipe... really good chocolate always needs a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor.  Lemonade tastes better with some sugar.  The yin and yang.

So remember.. cherish your story.  As my wonderful husband said to me when we first got together and I told him the not so perfect and pretty part of my story - "I hate that you had to go through that, but it made you who you are now.  And that is the person I love"  

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