Thursday, September 13, 2012

In The Pink

Oh I have been so busy this summer.. but that is another blog post!  Today I am going to post about a very special friend... Lori Anderson of Bead Soup Fame.  I have never met her in real life, but the day will happen sooner rather than later.  I first heard about her when another beader was taking part in the infamous Bead Soup Blog Hop.

I started to peek at her blog posts and noticed one outstanding thing about her besides her great smile ... HER PINK HAIR!  Now people who know me also know I tend to have pink hair too!

How could I not love someone else who likes to make jewelry and  had pink hair!

As I've come to know Lori, I've seen a caring person with her own life struggles who somehow puts together this event that allows jewelry makers all over the world to connect and share and expand their horizons.  She does all of this with no expectation of payment from us, just the joy of seeing what we make with what we exchange.  Lori allowed me to be a part of this event earlier in 2012.  Since that time my circle of online and in person friends/artists has expanded so much.  The knowledge and encouragement of all these great people lift me up and make me believe more in myself and what I can do with my own work.  Lori may never know how many of us she has touched.

Oh, and on her own blog she shares her own struggles, heartbreaks, frustrations.. she lets us all get to know the person behind the "event".  So Lori.. this is one big virtual hug from me!  And the next time I am anywhere near your part of the county we will get together so I can give you a real hug.

And for all you who are reading this and want to see how much we love Lori.. here is the blog roll:

Gail Vanderster-Zwang
Lea Avroch
Leslie Wayment
Kelley Katherine Hagerty-Fogle
Sheila Davis
Amanda Effron
‎Solange Collin
Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten
Isolina Perez
Toltec Jewels
Sherri Stokey
Mary Howell Govaars
Bee Kuhlman
Lynnea Perry Bennett
Alicia Marinache
Heather Otto
Kimberly Flood
Courtney White Breul
Lisa Liddy
Marlene Cupo
Marianne Baxter
Mária Horváth
Andrea Beth Trank
Heidi Mansfield Kingman
Emoke Schmidt
Sandra MrtzDiaz
Lupe Meter
Tanya Boden
Ambra Chicandfrog
Kumi Fisher
Sandra Young
Sandi Marinaro Volpe
Gretchen Nation
Mimi Gardner
Marian Hertzog
Sonya Ingersoll-Stille
Terry Matuszyk
Audrey Belangér
Sandra McGriff
Shelley Graham Turner
Sally Bohner Anderson
Mowse Doyle
Judy Daly Reganti
Brenda Lee Sigafoos