Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Big Bold Jewelry for Fall!

I've been watching the fashion magazines for what will be in style for the fall and winter.  It seems as though jewelry is bigger, bolder, and more unique (and at times expensive!). 

Check out this link showing some of the latest styles

Many of us can't afford high end designer jewelry in the current economy, but love to have unique one of a kind pieces to wear.  Sometimes the runway the looks aren't applicable to your everyday life.  Consider purchasing jewelry from local artisians or from the many websites that feature handmade jewelry.  I love creating unique and one of a kind pieces and sell them on ArtFire and at local arts and crafts shows.  I can also do a home jewelry party for you and your friends.  One of a kind jewelry makes a great gift and you never have to worry about seeing someone else wearing the exact same thing.  I can also custom make a piece for any outfit you have.

Contact me at for more purchasing info or to set up a show.

Here is an example of a recent necklace I created that follows the trends shown online.  Lots of layered chains and beads, but scaled back to a real life version.

What's New For Manicures This Fall

So fall is upon us and my clients ask...what are the newest colors of polish to wear ?! It looks like purple will rule the season. Dark and rich shades are a perfect accent to the new fall fashions. A return to nail art seems to be in the air. I've done nails long enough to remember painting art on nails for every client. I like darker colors on shorter, squoval (squared off oval) nails. I think it makes them look clean with a high fashion edge. Longer nails can pull off an unusual multi-colored manicure as each nail is like an artists canvas for me.

Check out this link from InStyle Magazine Manicure Trends

At E J's Salon in Highland Heights, KY we have the latest in colors from OPI. Check out this fun site so you can see the Espana Collection and try on all the OPI colors.

If you are looking for an updated style at a local salon call me, Lynn Bennett, at 859-441-5440. I have over 20 years of experience in hair and nails. I do manicures, acrylic/gel/silk nails, spa pedicures, designer cuts and color, wedding styles, hair extensions and non surgical hair replacement (kind of like Hair Club for Women). Consultations are always complimentary.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Creative

Well...I've added another show to my schedule. The Annual Cash and Carry Show on October 24th from 9-3 at the Alexandria VFW. I will post more information as I get it, but it promises to be a busy event.

So, I kicked myself in gear and started to use the stash of beads I bought from the last few shows. Here are my most recent creations. They are available in my Artfire Store or by contacting me at

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lotus Blossom and Vine Freezer Paper Stencil

Well,  I made another shirt.  My friend Paula gave me a shirt last week that was too big for her, so I decided to fancy it up!  I found a picture of a lotus flower and used it as my inspiration.  I found that I needed to draw it and then sometimes cut on or inside the lines depending on how the leaves lay, and how thick I wanted the separations between the petals to be.  I then drew the vines and leaves freehand adding things until I was satisfied with the lay out.  I was going to put one of the flowers over the shoulder and to the back of the shirt, but once I started to place the stencils I liked them all on the front.  I have to say that waiting to peel the paper off is the hardest part.  Kind of like waiting for know you are getting something beautiful and can't wait to see it!  I used black for the vines and red for the flowers.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Freezer Paper and Paint OH MY!!

Well, I became intrigued by a blog post about freezer paper stencils on shirts yesterday. The Artful Parent Blog gave me the starting point and I joined a group on Flickr that shows what other people have made.

I got interested in possibly screen printing some items after seeing the YUDU at my local Michaels craft store. After looking at more information on line I still liked the idea of the machine, but the costs just seemed too high for me to buy a machine and make one or two shirts at home. So I then researched doing screen printing the old fashioned way and still felt it was more than I really wanted to take on. So I was greatly surprised to see a link on my Facebook page from the By Hand forum that was about freezer paper stencils on clothing. So I read the Artful Parent Blog and then read a bunch of others...followed some links...looked at stencils and artwork and images...well you know how it is. I did some painting on fabric back in the 80's and always enjoyed it. I still wear a jean jacket I painted and embellished and get comments (positive ones...not WOW is she stuck in a time warp ones) about it. So since I had a basic knowledge of how it works I figured what the heck...I think I can do this.

So on my way home from work I stopped at the local Walmart and bought the freezer paper. It was a good deal...150 sq. feet for about $5.50, a $5 t shirt, and some of those small acrylic paint bottles with a bottle of fabric medium. I looked at a lot of designs before deciding on a leaf and vine one. I wanted a grown up shirt....not a kid one. I am always on the lookout for interesting shirts because I have to wear black and white to work everyday. After dinner I set up on the table and cut out my design, ironed it on the shirt and got ready to paint. I thought about just using black, but I also had copper and aqua. Both would look beautiful, but I went with the copper and aqua. I mixed them with the medium on a paper plate and used sponge brushes to apply them to the shirt. I waited as long as I could before removing the paper......and I LOVED my shirt! I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow.