Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lotus Blossom and Vine Freezer Paper Stencil

Well,  I made another shirt.  My friend Paula gave me a shirt last week that was too big for her, so I decided to fancy it up!  I found a picture of a lotus flower and used it as my inspiration.  I found that I needed to draw it and then sometimes cut on or inside the lines depending on how the leaves lay, and how thick I wanted the separations between the petals to be.  I then drew the vines and leaves freehand adding things until I was satisfied with the lay out.  I was going to put one of the flowers over the shoulder and to the back of the shirt, but once I started to place the stencils I liked them all on the front.  I have to say that waiting to peel the paper off is the hardest part.  Kind of like waiting for know you are getting something beautiful and can't wait to see it!  I used black for the vines and red for the flowers.

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