Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stonebrook Winery

We are so lucky to live in Northern Kentucky.  We have several vineyards close to us and had the opportunity to visit the Stonebrook Winery today. 

StoneBrook Winery is located in Camp Springs, KY which was once commonly known as the "Rhine of America." The Camp Springs region was once the premier area for grape growing and wine making before the onset of Prohibition. Vineyards like StoneBrook are Renewing the Rhine of America in Historic Camp Springs. .
The farm has two farmsteads. The original built in 1871 has several buildings constructed out of fieldstone by German craftsmen. Several of these buildings including the main house remain functional today. The other farmstead that was part of a division of the farm was built in 1890. This farmstead remains much as it was in the late 1800's.

Today, the 1890 era house has been remodeled into a winery and tasting room. And the out buildings provide a glimpse into the lifestyle of the early inhabitants. Many of the tools and household items used in the late1800's are on display in the tasting room.

We had a tour of the property in a horse drawn carriage with one of the owners as our guide.

We all enjoyed hearing about how the farm has been in operation for 134 years.  About 6 years ago they began the winery and with research discovered that their ancestors had also had a vineyard.

 We then settled in to the tasting room for a sample of the wines, at 6 tastes for $5 I think it is a bargain.  I already drink some of their wines, my favorite is the Cranberry, and I have tried Blackberry and Strawberry.  Today I tried Pear - a nice light and refreshing taste, Elderberry - it was a heavier bodied wine with more of a red wine texture (delicious), and a Chambourcin, similar in taste to a beaujolais nouveau.  Terry also tried a Honey Mead (too sweet for me) a blueberry and a raspberry.  We had a bottle of the Cranberry in the fridge at home so we didn't buy any today, but I can certainly recommend them all. 

They have tastings every weekend, and said we could come with a group and bring snacks, they would conduct the tasting for us and if we wanted we could purchase a few bottles to share with our friends.  They also have dinners on Fridays and Saturdays that book way in advance, I would love to do that too, but will have to try to find a good date to go.

I love being able to support local small businesses, and enjoyed meeting three generations of this family.  What a wonderful fall afternoon and a great little get away!

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