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Well,  I didn't get around to ordering my new knitting needles yet, but several of my friends have.  The shipping was very fast and the needles arrived as described by

My friend Mary Lou got the 6 inch dpns and 9 inch straight needles and loves them.  My friend Holly ordered a set of dpns, straights, and circulars.  She ordered them Friday morning and by Friday night they were shipped.  I expect she will receive them any day now and will post her review ASAP.  My friend Susan ordered the 6 inch dpns and just decided they weren't exactly what she likes.  There was nothing wrong with the needles she just prefers the Clover Takumi needles.  I own some of these and they are lovely needles, but I have a lot of projects going at once and often need multiples of a size and that gets expensive.  So I offered to take her dpns off her hands.

I went to Mary Lou's house to help her with a thrummed mitten project  she is working on.  As a new knitter I applaud her for jumping into this project.  Knitting in the round and adding the fibers and following a pattern.  Way to go Mary Lou!  After inspecting her dpns and 9 inch straight needles, and comparing the straight needles side by side with the Clover needles, I can't wait to get my own set! 

I paid Susan for her set of dpns and need to make a needle case for them now.  The needles seem well made and sturdy.  I compared the size 1's I just bought with the pair I am knitting with and the differences are minimal.  The ones I already had were 7 inches long, they are the Clover Takumi needles.  They are bending just a bit as I knit with them, but that doesn't bother me.  I can't accurately review the new needles until I use them, but the size is etched on to the needles and they feel smooth.  The may be slightly less pointy, but it is a barely noticeable difference.  Having knit with metal, plastic and wood dpns, I like the feel of the wooden ones and the slight give.  If I am knitting with a tight tension the metal ones allow for more slip, but for a small circumference project like socks the wooden ones seem to help me not drop stitches.  So I would recommend you try these needles for the price!

Here are picture of the dpns.  They are individually packaged and shipped in a padded envelope:

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  1. Yeah, eknittingneedles is not bad. I actually just bought some needles from for much less - $16.99 for a complete set :)


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