Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Double Pointed Needle Roll

So in my last post I had purchased a set of 15 pairs of double pointed needles.  So I don't lose track of them I made a needle case for them.  I had already made one for my other needles, but I went searching on the internet for some guidelines.

I found this blog by One Potato.   She inspired me to make this one. I made a few changes so I thought I'd write down what I did.

Here is the outside of my needle roll.  I got this great embroidered silk fabric remnant at my local fabric store.  It was on the marked down - marked down table.  It was such a small piece of decorator fabric it would only be good for a pillow...or lucky for me a knitting needle roll.

So here is my inside.  This is a piece of quilting fabric.  I bought 1/2 of a yard and have enough to make another needle roll.  It had an interesting repeat so I made sure to cut the inside lining and the pocket to line up with each other.  It would have been pretty either way, it  was just fun to match it up.

So here is what I did...

I cut the outer fabric into a piece that measures 12 X 18 (inches)
I cut one lining piece 12X18 (inches)
I cut another piece out of the lining fabric 6 X18 (for the pocket) (inches)
I cut two pieces of coordinating ribbon 40 inches long

Now let me start by saying, I wish I had used One Potatoes suggestion to add an iron on interfacing to the inside lining fabric.  It is ok, but I wish it was a little sturdier.  Because my outer fabric is light weight it needs it!  I usually use upholstery fabric and don't need the lining.

I folded and pressed a 1/2 inch on the top edge of the pocket fabric, then I folded it again and stitched it down.  I used a coordinating thread from my embroidery thread stash (over 300 colors).  I then lined up the design and pinned to keep it in place.  This is a miracle!  I used pins!  I worked in a garment factory when I was in my late teens and learned to sew stuff together without ever pinning.  I rarely pin things together prior to sewing.  I stitched the sides and bottom of the pocket piece and the lining piece.

I used a straight edge and pencil and because I just got my needles and they were all in their packages, I measured them and marked my fabric so the pockets would fit them snugly, I then used my straight edge to lightly mark my stitching lines on the pocket.  I left about a 1/2 inch sewing margin around the edge, but I think next time I would leave 3/4 to 1 inch.  I then used my coordinating thread to stitch the pockets.

I folded my ribbon in half and stitched it to the edge of my pocket on the side of the biggest needles. I put my lining with pocket right sides together with the outer fabric.  I stitched the top edge and the sides.  I then stitched the bottom leaving about a 4 inch opening.  I used a 1/2 seam on the sides, but I felt like the pocket was deeper than I wanted it to be so I made that seam about 1 inch.   This worked out nicely with the pattern across the bottom of the pocket.

On my other needle roll, I felt like the top flap needed to be more tapered in, so I tapered this one by restitching the top/sides.  I moved the side seam over on both sides about 1 inch and angled it out to meet the original seam about 3 to 4 inches down from the top.  I trimmed the seams and corners on all sides, but left some on either side of the bottom opening.  I turned the fabric and pressed the whole thing.
 Reminder....your ribbon will be sandwiched between the lining and outer fabric, make sure you don't accidentally sew it into a seam!

To close the opening I top stitched the entire bottom with matching thread on both sides.

I put in all my new needles and  yipee!  They fit

And here it is all rolled up..

 My knitting buddies are loving these and I found a forgotten stash so I guess I need to make some more and put them in my Artfire Store!

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