Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycled T shirt Necklaces

So, I now have done enough t shirt restyling to have left over scraps.  I decided to make some more necklaces.  The first one I used the purple sleeves from the t shirt I restyled into a ruffled tunic top.  I cut 6 strips and used 5 to make the necklace and one to cover the knots.  I thought it needed a bit more flair ( and I'm all about the flair) and when I saw these bright lime silk flowers I knew what I had to do.  Using ribbon and hot glue I created a flower piece and attached it to the necklace.  It now will go with a tank a friend of mine gave me in that green color.  I was going to try to embellish it, but now I don't have to!

Here are the pictures

I love these vibrant colors!
This morning as I cruised the DIY sites that are now my drug of choice I got inspired to make more stuff.  There is a skirt from a t shirt I may try to make on this site.  Yes I know I am probably too old to wear this, but I may make it as a casual weekend skirt for the summer.  Then I went to this blog - The Married Squirrels and saw this amazing ironing board from a piece from IKEA. 

Don't you just love this!

I can seriously see making this.  How many of us use and leave our ironing boards up way to much!???  It could hide in plain site as a buffet in my great room!
I then found this blog lower your presser foot and she had a skirt I want to make.  Lucky it is a free pattern download from Burda 

I've never tried this before, but what the heck..I'll post pics when I get it done.

Here is yet another necklace from a t shirt. I used this grey to make another shirt and had the back left over so I sliced it into strips and tied the ends together to make a necklace.  I used another strip of the shirt to cover the knots in the back.  It looked kinda plain so I want to jazz it up...and I'm all about that!  I remembered an amazonite pendant and beads I purchased at the last bead show with my friend Kristy
 She's the pretty blonde

She is one of my closest friends and bead buddy extraordinaire!  She also has her own web site and has been featured in quite a few national magazines. You can see her jewelry here http://www.kristyskreations.com

So here is a picture of my completed creation

I used vintage brass wire to add some extra texture/color to this piece.  Now I have to decide it I can stand to sell it!

Oh, and one more site I found not martha and I can't wait to make one of her felt flowers  to add to a necklace soon.  I just have too many ideas and can't get to them all fast enough on my days off from my "real" job.

Hope you keep finding fun stuff to craft.  If anyone is interested in having me post tutorials on my projects let me know and I'll start to document what I make in steps.



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