Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Inspiration

So, I've been cruising around the web again on a variety of DIY sites.  I feel like I've landed on Mars and just learned to speak Martian.  I...the Queen of Craftiness...can't believe that I haven't come across many of these sites before.  It is amazing how one site leads to another and another and another.

I came across this leather cuff tutorial on Studio Waterstone.  She makes beautiful items out of recycled leather.  I had to make one for myself, but I didn't have any leather, I had some old stuff, but sent it to AmVets, it will be really sad if I end up buying it back!  So off to the local fabric and craft stores I went.  I ended up with a small piece of blue/green suede from Hobby Lobby.  I also found this interesting leaf embossed disk.  When I went home I had a fresh water pearl that matches perfectly and a magnetic clasp.  I made mine 9 inches long (this is important for the overlap for the clasp) and stitched lines on it like one of the bracelets that Lori made earlier with a Hope charm on it.

I really love this one!

Here are pictures of my first finished cuff...

Apparently I'm not the only one who likes this, because my friend Susan snapped it up!  So I have another one in progress (which my other friend now wants)!  Off the the craft store I go again!

I also loved this bracelet on Ornamentia.com but not being one to wait for something in the mail, I once again hit the streets of Cincinnati in search of supplies to make it.  I will honestly tell you that to get quality rhinestone trim is expensive, so I bought a little bit of 2 different ones at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I also think I'll try using the ball chain like in another tutorial on this site.  By the way, they have fantastic beads and supplies at Ornamentia....I just get a wild hair and have to make things NOW!

Here is a picture of my first try at this bracelet...

 I used a copper colored leather tie, rhinestones in a pewter setting, silver metallic embroidery floss and some charms and a bead I had around...not bad for a first try!  I also have some other ideas up my sleeve and will post pictures soon. 

Happy Crafting!

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