Monday, April 25, 2011

So Much to Craft....So Little Time!

 So my adventures in craftiness continue!  I have been creating up a storm so to speak...the rain we've been having makes it easy to stay in and think about how things can work together. 

I found a tutorial to make a funky cuff on CraftStylish.  The original was made using denim and t shirt fabric, but you know me by now...that just wouldn't do!  Back to my suede stash I went!  I cut, I stitched, I hammered and came up with these two cuffs

Black Suede with Violet Stiches
Electric Avenue Suede Cuff   

I love the asymmetry of these.  A triangle!  Then I used embroidery thread to just stitch my cares away.  Totally random...totally fantastic.

I also decided to continue my quest to create stuff out of restyled t shirts.  I hunted in my closet and found one that was too short and too square to make anyone look good.  I loved the color, kind of a periwinkle blue, but had no idea what to do with it.  I decided to make a necklace!  I used my handy dandy rotating cutter and mat and my favorite metal ruler and cut 1 inch strips up the the pits (yes I said pits) of the shirt.  I then gave them a few tugs and like magic they curl into themselves and make a yarn like fabric.  I really don't know how many I cut but, I put one aside to tie them together.  The rest I twisted into a figure eight and took a long necklace into a shorter one.  I then used the last tie to wrap around to keep the length.
This is how it looked!  Pretty cool!  But then I thought about another piece I had in my stash.  A while back I purchased some filigree pieces and put them together with a rivoli.  I never quite knew what to do with it even though I liked it.  When I held it up to the necklace it was perfect!  So I added a clip to it so it could be removed and worn in my hair.  Here is how it looks:
So, now I can wear it for fancy smancy stuff or dressed down with a white shirt and jeans.  I'm already working on another one.

My final piece for today is a t shirt restyle.  I bought a deep purple shirt at Target in the mens department.  I bought an XL thinking more fabric to work with.  As it turned out, I needed every bit of it!  I used a tunic I made recently as a cutting guide and cut off the neckline, the sleeves and sliced the sides.  I also took off the hem so when it was finished it has kind of a floaty unfinished look.  I took the leftover fabric and cut it into strips and then chevron shapes. Once again a little tug and they curled.  I placed them around the neckline and arranged them down the front of the shirt.  I stitched them down and then rolled the edge of the neckline to make it look nicer.  I then washed and dried the shirt and here is the end result:

Don't you just love the squiggles that the chevrons turned into?  I can't wait to wear this with shorts and jeans this summer.  And I had some fabric left from the sleeves I am turning into another necklace.  Can't wait to show you!

Since I am obsessed with the suede cuffs right now I went to the local Goodwill for a scavenging trip.  I lucked out and found two great jackets!  Bright red and cocoa brown!  And I paid a whopping $14 total!  Can't wait to start turning them into cuffs and maybe a few other fun items.

Look around you...there is crafting everywhere!

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