Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Gonna be a Busy Busy Summer!

Whew!  I've been creating like crazy...getting ready for a very busy summer/fall show season.  The month of May already had its' ups and downs with the weather playing a big part.  The plan was to work on Mothers Day at the Duveneck Art Show and I guess Mother Nature had her own ideas...rain rain rain!  The up side is that I got an invite to the Roebling Fest.  But I am getting ahead of myself....

June 2nd you should take a drive to Augusta, Kentucky for Art in the Garden

I'll be there with my nature inspired creations along with about 60 other artists.  Tour the beautiful homes and gardens.  Who knows maybe George Clooney will show up!

The next Saturday, June 9th, I will be at the first annual Wine Tasting and Art Show at Verona Vineyards

And like the crazy woman I am I will be at the first Folksiders Market in Rabbit Hash KY the next day, June 10th.  I was happy to be invited to be one of the artists that will be here on the second Sunday of each month.  Take a Sunday drive and shake hands (ok one hand one paw) with the Mayor!

I finish up the month on June 23rd at Roebling Fest.  Then I have a couple of free weekends...HA!  Like that will happen, I will be making jewelry like crazy for the July Folksiders and also for the Dog Days of Summer Art Fair  also in Rabbit Hash.  And it continues like this all Summer...September is busy busy busy and I will continue to add shows thru the fall.

Guess I better fire up the kiln and get busy.  Hope that you get a chance to come out and see me at one of these events and buy some jewelry!

REMEMBER....Life is too short to wear department store jewelry!

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