Friday, April 27, 2012

My Messy Studio(s)

So, Brenda Sue Lansdowne asked for artists to participate in the Messy Studio Blog Hop and I raised my hand.  I am lucky to have taken over several spaces in my home and to have a family that understands and tolerates my messes.

One of the questions Brenda says she gets is what can someone who has no dedicated space do when they want to make jewelry and be creative.  I started to make stuff when I was a kid. I always had beads and yarn and fabric swirling around me! I don't really remember how I stored stuff back then, but probably in Tupperware containers and plastic bags in my bedroom.  As I got older I used old cookie sheets and paper plates for my seed bead work.  I could slide a plate full of beads and work in progress into a big zip lock bag and put it on a shelf in a closet.  And I had some tubes of beads and maybe a small plastic container with some stuff...pretty much it fit into a small tote that I got out when I wanted to work on it.

Since I sew as well, in my apartment I would set up on the dining room table and have to put it away after every use.  When my husband (at the time) and I bought a house I was thrilled when we turned the formal living room into my craft area.  I bought a fancy sewing cabinet for my then two machines and a desk to work on.  When I moved to Cincinnati I got a room on the first floor of our house for my MESS as he called it.  That way I could close the door and he didn't have to look at it or complain about it.  I had put beads to the side for all the sewing I was doing, so it was full of sewing machines, fabric, thread, ironing boards and my desk and first computer.  Little did I know then how important a computer would become in my creative life!

Yes, that relationship ended and I bought a condo of my own...with a room for me to use.  I met my current husband and he didn't mind my creative mess.  We married and eventually sold our homes to build the one we live in now.  There are days it is less messy and there are days when it is more messy.  Originally the office space off the great room was supposed to be mine but I found I didn't like working there..felt like I was separated and not spending time with my family which now includes a son.  So now it is his office space and the desktop is in there while I sit on the couch with the lap top.

My work space(s) have expanded and contracted depending on what is going on in our lives. Right now they are pretty expanded!  It kind of started about 4 years ago as my work began to evolve from sparkly, seed beads and crystals to where it is now.  I had a car accident 2 years ago and when I started to create about 6 months later my esthetic had taken a left turn and I also found some of my mentors/supporters.  I began to actively pursue my jewelry designs as a business vs as a hobby to get where I am today - already talking about 2013 shows!

So I've kept you waiting long enough....

Here is my wonderful cabinet from The Original Scrapbox Company.  This is how it looks when it is cleaned up for a picture...
Lovely isn't it?!  This is the ideal situation.  I can fold the table down and close the doors and roll it to another space.  I love it because this is in my family room and I can be working, cooking, washing clothes and watching tv with the family all at the same time.  The light is great here as well for my designing.

Here is what it looks like this morning...

I got more stuff since the neat picture

I am in the process of reorganizing my storage so the little metal ones are empty as I combined them nto the box

No rhyme or reason for this ...just need to put it away

yup, the floor and more boxes in a cool rack I got on clearance. I should have bought the other one!

But that's NOT ALL!!! Here is the kitchen counter annex and the kitchen table annex.  Notice the cookie sheet?  Yup I'm still using it...

Now for my lower level studio...yes I have one.  We have a large basement with a bedroom/bathroom family room but I took over a corner when I started lampworking and enameling.  We recently consolidated my sewing stuff there as well.
my corner

glass rods and enamels are supposed to live here

As you can see..the enamels took over the last month

Before I fire up my torch again I have to clean the whole table up

Obviously, I haven't been sewing since this is neat (and that is a bead loom on the right)

a lot of this is my fabric stash, embroidery thread and my art show props

So I am one of the lucky few to have a lot of space.  And yes I do clean it up, and was going to before this blog hop was on my radar and then I just had to take the pics first.  It is a never ending job as I create furiously and mess up and then reorganize so I can mess it all up again.

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  1. The workplace of a busy woman, a very multi-talented one. I admire all of your work.

  2. LOVE that scrapbox organizer....have seen pix of them but never one in actual use. I WISH I had a place for one in my library room...but it might be becoming my office soon. Oh sigh. Ya can't have everything! Well....maybe I take that back. Looks like maybe YOU do, Lynnea! XOXO Thanks bunches for being a part of the hop, I'm really glad you made the effort and shared so much with us.

  3. I have drooled over those scrapbox cabinets. They are huge! I could never fit one in my tiny house!. We'd have to use the little table for a dining room table! So much room to put stuff. I am really envious of it. The basement is great as well, such possibilities. Love it.

  4. So many places and spaces to create in! Wonderful!

  5. Thanks for showing us around. Wow, I'd never even heard of the scrapbox cabinet. Beautiful. Bless you for showing your annexes too. Nice post.

  6. I really like your organization..that rollaway is very cool.

  7. You have so much SPACE! I laugh that you are still using cookie sheets. I use muffin tins (never make muffins but have lots of tins). And, aren't we ALL in a constant state of "organizing"? Like your designs.

  8. I can appreciate this! I have a lot of space, too -- a dedicated space, the dining room table, an office that has become mainly a museum of vintage finds, and a stand-alone lampwork studio. Yet they all are a mess!

  9. Wow on the scrapbook organizer and the space is to die for!

  10. Looks pretty clean to me. I love the scrapbook organizer wall unit. I appreciate a dedicated space you have (Lucky!) as I used to craft in the living room in a chair. That was my only space till we bought our house. ~ Brassy

  11. I will love a scrapbook organizer like that!, and wow you have a lot of space, it just makes me want to visit you so we can create together!

  12. Oh it would be heaven to have all that space - thanks for the tour!

  13. Okay, now I'm convinced that we crafters will fill as much space as is available. Thank goodness I don't have too much more space! BTW, LOVE the big organizer closet thingie. I've been coveting one of those for some time!

  14. I love the neat-to-messy progression, LOL. That is what happens to me a few times a year, get it all clean and organized and two minutes later a small package arrives, and then another, and then it all falls apart. I sure with I had a craft closet, those are so great! Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Create, clean it up, create, clean it up. Hey I know this story. That cabinet is phenomenal. How fortunate you are to have so much workspace.

  16. You've a real studio going on here. Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing!

  17. That first picture, I was like.. oh wow...I NEED that ... then I saw the second photo and was like... yeah.. that's totally what it would look like constantly >.< the best organizational tools are only as good as the slob using them ;)

  18. Love your storage system. That is an awesome piece to have to put all those beads in. This is a funny blog to comment in ... gee I love your mess. LOL.

  19. I am amazed at how much stuff everyone has! Your space is wonderful and I understand about's endless. Thanks for sharing your creative mess! :)

  20. We ARE lucky to have a large space to work in. But for many years all I had was the dining room table or in another house a little balcony that was enclosed (but not heated), a door over two file cabinets and a bookcase. Now seems like heaven. And the fun thing is we don't have to put everything away every time someone comes for dinner, right?

    What a great space. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  21. Wow, your scrapbox cabinet is amazing. I wish I could fit something like that into my workspace, but I'm confined to a corner of my bedroom for now. You have an awesome workspace! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  22. It really is great to have a lot of space. That cabinet is to die for. I may have to look into one of those if I re-do my train room. Thanks for sharing. Gerry

  23. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your work space with us...I absotively , positutely love your fabtabulously huge storage unit. That thing is awesome...Okay well bye for now and Happy crafting

  24. I love your storage unit, thanks for adding the link! Your space is really great, how nice to have dedicated areas. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  25. I love your storage unit. And your torch (I am on a hot head right now, with big dreams :-) And the puppies!! We had chow chows when I was growing up and I loved them. Our female was the sweetest dog I've ever had. Thanks for sharing your mess with us!

  26. Oh Wow!!! LOVE that cabinet! Great storage space!!! Love the messy look of it as well! And love that purple chair!!!

    You have some fantastic spaces! Loved seeing everything!!! =)

  27. You have a serious cabinet there! And tools! I love your work. Your ear rings are to die for! Do you do mostly metal work with semiprecious stones now? I can see you working some long hours there and loving it!

  28. What can I say that has not already been said?? You have the most awesome storage cabinet!!! And, I don't think it is messy at all...I bet it cleans up in 10 minutes flat!!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. wow I covet that cabinet so very much. I'm already trying to figure out where I would put such a monster in the apartment. wowie.

  30. You do have some great space to work in and store things....I looked at those cabinets at one time. They are incredible...still on my wish list! Thank you for sharing.

  31. What a wonderful set of spaces you have!

  32. I love the purple chair! What a great set of spaces. You make such pretty and creative earrings. Thanks for the tour.

  33. the scrapbox unit has us all drooling! Love your set up, like how you have little "stations" set up... you are like me into alittle bit of everything. Enameling is my next creative conquest...are you working on a minor? i am on a HH
    thanks for sharing
    Liz /The Polymer Geek

  34. Love that rolling cabinet! I am totally amazed at all the materials you have amassed ;)


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