Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting Ready for My June 4th Show

As usual, when I know I have a show coming up I go into all out designing mode.  Not enough time in a day to make all the things I have in mind.  Since I had some requests for earrings, I made and already sold these two pairs.

Both were made using recycled images from cards and magazines and covered in resin. I am loving that they are light weight and unique.

I also made the following items.  Some are not yet listed in any of my shops.  You can contact me for purchasing information at lynneathecraftyone@gmail.com

Dragonfly Bangle $15

Believe Necklace $30

Livin the Tweet Life $30

The closest I'll get to the Hope Diamond!

Hope Necklace $30
 I also found some new display items for my upcoming show.  Garden Ridge is a dangerous place to go!  They also have a folding shelf unit I think I have to go back for.
So this will be an earring display and I bought a stand that rotates for it to sit on.  Can't light the candle, but it was too pretty not to buy.

Paula taught me to go taller in my displays..this can hold bracelets and necklaces.

You can see the size of the foam board I covered.

So, this is foam core board and an easel I got from Garden Ridge.  The board is from Hobby Lobby

I covered it  with batting and fabric.  I got clear push pins to attach jewelry to this.  I  think I will add some ribbon too.

I also have a new obsession with Pinterest.  I stumbled on it when I was looking for some DIY jewelry project tutorials.  After asking to join I had to wait to be accepted.  I guess it goes faster if you know someone else on the site and they invite you.  I have pinned things all night long.  I guess what I like about it is to see what other people like and to be able to save my favorite bookmarked items all in one place.  I seem to always see something and then can't remember where it was.  Now I click on the picture I like and "pin" it to my board and it is saved.  Other people can like or repin things I post too.  Check it out and if you want an invite leave me a comment and I'll do it.

Here are some vendors on Etsy that I either have purchased from or will purchase from soon.

Miss Fickle Media
Marsha Neal Studio
Brigete - she makes beautiful felted flowers

I have many more to list, but not enough time to list them.

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