Friday, March 2, 2012

Review of the EuroTool Power Punch

So, while you are all waiting for March 3rd, I thought I'd
review a new tool I got today. 

In my enamel work I use a lot of copper disks and pennies.  The copper disks often come pre punched, but if I cut my own they need to have holes punched in them.   Pennies are an inexpensive way to show people how to enamel, but they have no holes.  Because of the thickness of the pennies I would always heat them up to anneal them in hopes that the holes would be easier to punch, but it was still a bear to do more than one or two.  So I started to look at the EuroTool Power Punch.

I love that this can cut a variety of hole sizes and up to a 16 gauge piece of metal.  So I did some research to compare prices and decided to order one from National Jewelers Supply.  They had the best price including shipping.  I ordered it and it was here in two days. 

It came in the case and had a small instruction sheet.  It was pretty obvious how it was going to work.  I decided to try the 1/8th punch on a penny.  I wanted a slightly bigger hole than I'd been putting in them using my other punch tools.  I would describe it as a hot knife thru butter!  The hardest part for me is my hands are a bit small so I braced the bottom on a table and punched!  The hole was perfect!  No sharp edges on the back at all.  I did a second one just to make sure it would work like this every time and it did.  I have an enameling class coming up and plan to punch some pennies ahead of time. The shop where I am teaching sells these so I figure I'll take mine in to show the students how it works.

I'm looking at a new disc cutter from Otto Frei.  They have several that I am interested in, I just have to decide which one to buy.  I'll post a review as soon as I get it and punch some discs!


  1. Loved the review! Thanks for sharing...I am also on the hunt for a good "hole punch" for metal sheet!! :)

  2. I totally Love my Pepe disc cutter!!! Worth every penny!! It is my 3rd disc cutter, all the others were not near as good.

  3. Very, very grateful that you shared this link Lynnea. Thanks so much for sharing your insight, I always find these tool reviews so helpful.


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