Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here I come 2012

So, I never dreamed I'd say this, but I closed my Artfire store.  I did quite a bit of evaluation of costs vs sales and decided to try out another venue.  It was difficult to let it go, I've had it for a long time (I was a beta tester).  But, I looked at the overall picture and most of my sales are now either in person or from Face Book.  That being said I will be opening a new store in the next day.  I've found another site that specifically promotes handmade artisans and the owner does lots to promote the individual artists.  I am excited to clean out the old stock and begin my store anew!  I've added new features to my Face Book Page, such as a store that you can purchase from right on the site as well as links to my web page.

There have been a lot of changes in my personal and my professional life and I am looking forward to what is going to be happening artistically for me in 2012.  I have gained a wonderful online community of artists and some local supporters that are helping me look at my artwork and business in a whole new way.

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