Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's UP!!!!!

So I've been furiously creating jewelry for my upcoming shows.  It has been fun perfecting my resin pendant techniques and also doing some metal work with all my new tools.  I was on Amazon the other day and a book popped into my recommendations.  It was called Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry  It is a new technique for enameled beads.  I explored the inside and was hooked...I wanted to learn how to do this!  The pieces were so so beautiful.  I wanted to see more about how to do this and what I'd need when I got the book.

Barbara Lewis of Painting with Fire is the author and they had a link to her website. So click click click off I went.  On her website she shares how she started and some info on where she teaches and she sells kits to get you started.  There is also a ning so I can ask questions and see other peoples work..  She also has a blog and a Facebook page.  So last week I started chatting with the girls and messaging back and forth with Barbara.

I did some research and decided her start up kit with the torch was a great price (along with a tutorial and the online help) So I ordered it.  After the chatting I've done, I know the perfect spot to set up what I am calling my hot studio.  It is in my lower level family room (a basement with a walkout).  I have a wall of windows along the back and so I can get ventilation but unlike my garage I won't freeze in the winter.  Also because it isn't used a lot, I have the ability to work and leave stuff kind set up and messy (yup...I am truly an artist in that to see all my stuff)  I also ordered a patina kit/tutorial from another source and I will need to allow that time to work and I can use my torch etc on the patinas.  So having a specific spot set up will be great and do double duty.

The fun thing I learned is that Barbara was in Cincinnati at the Thompson Enamel Co.  Now lucky for me, this is only 20 minutes from my house and one exit from where I work. I called them and they said ..come on down and see us.  They also have a museum and classes, so it is definitely on my to do list.  And next time Barbara is in town we have to get together.

On the Painting with Fire blog, a contest is listed and so since I want to win I am following the rules and posting about it so y'all can read about it too.

Great Giveaway!
Laura Twiford from Souvenirs from Life is giving away these awesome double flush cutters by Swanstrom.  I know they cost a pretty penny, but you get what you pay for ... or what Laura pays for! because she's giving a pair away next Wednesday to some lucky winner.  Just post this giveaway to your blog, leave her a comment, and pray!
Pretty awesome flush cutters!  I just hope I win!

My new cabinet has been great at helping me be creative every day and I made quite a few sales in the last week.  Thanks to my fans old and new!  Here are some pics of my new creations....

yes, I 've been very busy and having so much fun.  I haven't listed these in my stores because I am stocking up for my show in August and a week later in September, but as always, everything is for sale!  Just contact me via e mail @

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  1. Thanks Lynn, good luck! I just went to a workshop ( my 2nd) with Barbara and it was great. She taught some of the projects in her new book. If you ever get the opportunity to take a class with her jump on it!


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