Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabulous Flops not Flip Flops

I admit it...I am a flip flopaholic.  The minute it gets warm my toes scream for release from the shoes I've worn all winter.   I have sparkly ones, flat ones, colorful ones, jeweled ones, expensive ones and cheap ones.  Todays blog is all about the cheap ones.  Last year I bought 2 pairs at Walmart a grey pair and a purple/pink pair.  I wanted something to wear to the pool and to throw on to walk the dog.  The grey ones are boring, but well worn as I slip them on all the time and have even caught myself out in public in them.  The other pair were still tied together with that plastic thingy (you know the one you hate because you can't tell if they fit).

Today as I was browsing Pinterest my new obsession on the internet I came across a picture of a really fun pair of flip flops with fabric straps.  I clicked on the link and found a fabulous tutorial by The Mother Huddle.  Her instructions are great so there is no need for me to write my own.  I happened to have some pre-cut fabric strips I picked up at Hancock Fabric.  They are usually used for quilt binding.  The nice this is that they have co-ordinating fabrics in a stack together...takes all the guesswork out of it.  They are about 2 1/2 inches wide, but they worked perfectly.  I picked two that went together and cut them to about 22 inches each.  I followed the rest of the instructions and here is what I got....
My boring flip flops before

my feet are so happy with my new Fabulous Flops!

Here they are feet free
the raw materials...old flip flops and fabric
my fabric choices
my beautiful new flip flops

this is an example of what the precut strips look like

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  1. Oh yay! They turned out great. Nothing makes my day than to see taking all those pictures were worth it :)
    Thank you so much for letting me know! Do you mind if I include a photo in a round-up?

    I look forward to following you on Pinterest!


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