Thursday, March 17, 2011

Americas Best Beauty Show

Members of our staff recently attended the Chicago Midwest Americas Best Beauty Show
We are definitely on beauty overload!  We have brought back a wonderful selection of products and new services we can't wait to do!  

One that you have been asking about is light cured gel polish.  We did our research and picked a product from NSI called Pro Polish. 
We have about 24 colors available including French Manicures and can do this on fingers and toes!  Price for this procedure is an additional $10 to any nail service, including over artificial nails.  The freedom to walk out of the salon with completely dry nails is fantastic and it lasts up to 2 weeks on fingers and a month on toes. 
We also have a new line of lash growth enhancer from RevitaLash a company started by a husband of a cancer survivor to help with her hair loss.
We offer lash and brow products and the new hair product from this company.

Another new item we are offering are crystal nail and foot files!  Beautiful to look at and they work great! 

Crystal nail files are the best in personal or professional nail care. These files resist wear and tear of sand paper emery boards and wont damage your nails the way rough metal files do.  Here are some of the benefits of crystal nail files over others.
  • filing surface is powerful but gentle, perfect for babies and individuals with fragile nails
  • represent a green alternative to throw away files for the environmentally concerned
  • save money over time, perfect for salons and spas that want to keep overhead down
  • out perform and out last knock-offs and imitations
  • make excellent gifts for any of your friends or loved ones
  • come in a variety of styles to match any personality unlike dull cardboard or metal files
  • will fit in any beauty kit

 The other new trend we came across was Keratin Hair Straightening.  We already offer the best from All-Nutrient...the Keratin+ Treatment!

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