Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yup...It's Cold and I'm Knitting

So you haven't heard from me lately.  I can only say that October was a tough month for me.  I was in a very serious car accident and a concussion kept me busy trying to remember just the day to day stuff, let alone do any serious crafting.  I decided to exercise my brain by knitting.  Following the patterns, counting stitches (ripping all said stitches out) and ending up with a finished project I could wear was great brain exercise.  At one point my son suggested I just quit or give up, I told him that I was going to finish my knitting and that it just might take longer than usual.

Here are some pictures of my most recent finished projects:

 Thanks to my friend Susan for this beautiful yarn to make a shawl.  I also created the leaf shaped shawl pin.

 Here is my lovely model in a bulky cable scarf with another one of my shawl/scarf pins.  This one is called Abstract Rose.

 I found this beautiful Malabrigo Yarn at my local yarn store - Knit On and used a pattern from Knitty called Duet to make this neck warmer.  I then created the pin to match.

Here is my ruffled scarf...this was over 1000 stitches by the time you cast off!
Two Abstract Leaf Shawl/Scarf pins in copper.

Right now I am knitting a scarf for my son Justin and will post pictures and a pattern in the near future.  I also have a couple of projects lined up for me!  Glad the old brain still works.

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