Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Yes, I am still out here!  I have been so very busy with getting ready for a variety of art/jewelry shows that I have neglected my blog.  I currently have over 250 pieces in my inventory, but with 2 more and possible a 3rd show on the horizon, I need to be creating pieces constantly.

I just finished the Sharonville Art Show and was thrilled with the results.  Here is a picture of my booth...

Thank you to the wonderful Ms. Paula Provenzano for her help and guidance in setting up my displays and her awesome sales ability.

I can't do it without her help. Ok, I guess I could, but it is so much more fun with her there, and she believes in my work more than I do some days!   We thankfully did not have any rain, but it was cold and cloudy.  The crowd was a little sparse, but response to my designs was fantastic.  Many shoppers wanted to know when my next show was, including asking if I would be at the Hyde Park Art Fair this weekend.  I haven't  entered that one, because I wasn't sure my work was up to their standards, but I contacted them, and will be getting an application in January for next year.

I am also thankful for the Alreddy Coffee and Cafe that was next to us.  Here is their blog.

Wonderful coffee and goodies (and heat and a bathroom) made us love them!  They had a terrific soup that I got us for lunch as well.  If you are ever in Sharonville, OH and have the opportunity to stop in to see them, I would highly recommend it!  Plus, one of the owners bought a pair of earrings right at the end of the show that put me over the top of my....err....Paula's goal.\

It was really great to hear people say that they loved my work and there wasn't any other jewelry like mine at the show.  It has encouraged me to apply to the Ryle H.S. show here.  A tough juried show with 175 artists, but they say that there are 5000 people that attend.  I'll have to get the jewelry elves in gear to make enough to get through a Friday night preview and a Saturday show.  I generally figure I need 10 percent of projected attendance.  Wow, that means I have to double my supply.  I guess I am being ambitious, but I have nearly 2 months to get ready.

It has been interesting to talk with some of my favorite clients who have been fans of my jewelry from the start.  The evolution of my work has been a fascinating process.  The longer I do this, the more my work changes....yet elements stay consistent.   There are times I have questioned my vision, my work is my heart.  My techniques and skills get better and have expanded my range of design.  My altered art jewelry is becoming a passion for me.  The act of  creating these designs using a technique I call collage is both invigorating and relaxing at the same time.  I love creating one of a kind pieces of art to wear!

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