Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Silk Flower Pins

Well, I saw a flower on a dress on Etsy and loved it, but couldn't buy just the flower, and the dress was too small!  So I have thought about it for about a week and whipped out the hot glue gun to create my own.  I searched the web for a variety of sites about how to do this, and the only thing I didn't already have was the flower petals.  I saw some really pretty petals at Michael's called Daisy Doodles for about $5 a jar (for 36 flower pieces).  I just wasn't ready to spend a lot of money for an experiment!  So off to WalMart, where you can find a little bit of everything. 
First I needed to buy more glue, I hadn't used that gun in years and have no idea where the glue could be.  I looked for some clips for the pins, but didn't find any, so I figured I would just use the pin parts I already had at home.  Then to the silk flower section!  Prices ranged from $.94 to $7.00.  Since this was my first try, I went with the less expensive ones.  Then home to tear the flowers apart for their pieces, a great way to deal with life's little frustrations. 
I made one...not so good, I made a second one...better, but still not right...but the third and fourth one  I think I got it!  I used wire for one with a little hot glue, and the other one was just glued.  I think I like the wired and glue one the best.  I added some crystals and beads for the centers.  Here are the results:

I think I would even make Martha proud!

These are available for sale on ArtFire


  1. Thanks, I can't wait to go get more petals...I wore one today in my hair and loved it!


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