Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Well it was a typical Saturday at the hair salon. Wake up at 7AM and drag myself out of bed, drink coffee and convince myself to go to work while my husband and son had a day together. I have to say Saturdays are the hardest day for me now. I have worked Saturdays for 20 years, but since my son started school, I just want to stay home and be with him. The days and weeks just fly by and it seems only yesterday he was a tiny baby that I held in my arms...time is too short...he will be a man before I am ready.

So back to my day. The crappy weather had me with a few openings throughout my day, not normal for me on Saturday. Saturday is when all my clients who can't come in during the week squeeze into the 6 hours I work on Saturday. I finished my first client, a nice older lady that needed some TLC on her toes and feet. I have been giving pedicures since the beginning of my career and I am the odd person who likes doing them. It probably goes back to my upbringing in a church that practiced the washing of feet, I just never thought of feet as yucky! I also feel it is such a service to my elderly clients who can't reach their feet to care for them. They appreciate the toenail trimming, callous removal, but they love the massage and hot towel wraps.

I have about an hour until my next client is due, so I sit down for a snack. I brought a bagel and cream cheese. It's cinnamon and raisin and I toast it and enjoy every bite. I am about finished when they tell me I have a walk in client. Thankful to be able to make some more money, I finish up and go see who it is. His name is Chris Boggs...I call his name and introduce myself. I notice he is wearing shorts and make a smart ass comment about it being warmer, but not yet summer. He says he just finished a run. His hair is short and as we talk about what he needs, he just wants it cleaned up, says he shaved his head (what is it with men and shaving their heads?) and his wife wants it to grow out.

So we go back to my station and get to know each other. I talk about not running (I hate running) but I do walk and workout 3 times a week. He then tells me he has lost over 200 lbs! I am impressed to say the least, especially when I learn he did it without surgery. I have a wonderful husband who is battling his weight and I think...God, did you send this guy to help me or him? Chris and I continue to talk and I am truly impressed with him as a person. He is here visiting friends, he lives in New Orleans. We share some information and I find out he is going to be a Dad and he shows me his lovely wife. He's nervous about it. I tell him I became a Mom at 41, don't worry, just enjoy the time because it goes by too fast. We really have a good talk, he shares a lot with someone he just met, and I guess I did too.

So I want Chris to know he had an effect on at least one person today. He gave me hope. Hope that my husband can do it, hope that is it possible to lose the weight, that my husband can find his way. Thanks Chris.

So here is a link to his blog .

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